"Fusion Dance is a company after my own heart....they teach from a technical foundation in which artistry can be built upon in limitless possibilities."

Cheri Costales, Director - Elite Dance Studio - Albuquerque, NM

 "Say good-bye to large, over crowded conventions. No other convention compares to the individual attention that every dancer at your studio receives. Every dancer has a name not a number. Within minutes of spending time with our dancers, Katie, Kevin, and Ray individualized their classes to fit the needs of our students."

Kim Brown - Las Vegas, NV

 "Our studio has had Fusion dance come into our studio for the last four years. The first year, we had them come for 3 days. After that everyone wanted them to come for a longer workshop. We now have them for a week. They are great with my kids, and remember names and personalities of all the kids so well. They teach a wide variety of classes and styles and classes are never boring but instead challenging and fun!! They bring enthusiam with them which juvinates the kids. We all love them and now they are like family to us!!"

Diane Hansen, Studio Director - Kitty Lee Dance - Omaha, NE

 "Fusion brings professionalism and innovative techniques and choreography to each workshop but at the same time make it feel like we're all family. As a studio, we appreciate the enthusiasm, energy and positive reinforcement the Fusion team brings to the studio. They appear to challenge the girls tremendously, yet everyone leaves the experience with smiles, hugs and a feeling of personal and team accomplishment. After a workshop with Fusion, the girls want to know when and how soon they will be back!"

Tabatha Lemacks, Director - Spotlight Dance Studio, Killeen, TX

 "I loved the one on one attention given to my students. Other conventions are so packed that the instructors never get a chance to make corrections. I am so pleased with what Fusion accomplished in three days!"

Vanessa Gissel, former owner Dancenergy - Gilbert, AZ